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We are highly privileged to announce the first Prequel Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Materials /PreATAM 2020/, which will be held online in the time of October 13-15th, 2020.

The PreATAM 2020 has the main priority to gather scientist around the globe in order to build up a community being able to unitedly elaborate on science. This particular symposium grows in a unique idea of establishing the opportunity to bring together scientists working in different areas – chemist, physicists and engineers, whose main research topic is to develop efficient optical materials, 2D layers and miniaturized photonic devices. The host and organizer of the meeting is above mentioned Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development. It is the institute which research focuses in the field of material science, engineering and biotechnology so that innovative solutions could be later used by industry and science.

Attending is free of charge

The PreATAM 2020
is a prelude to the core ATAM symposium rescheduled to occur in autumn 2021. Please find all the essentials in the ATAM2021 section. The PreATAM is a fresh concept brought into being owing to the current epidemiological situation of COVID-19 around the globe. We have been forced to completely change the strategy concerning the organisation of ATAM 2020. The least complicated decision to make would be to reschedule our conference to the forthcoming time. Such decision did not hold any our appeal. Thus, we decided not to fully withdraw our arrangements.

The Prequel ATAM 2020 is set to be a 3 day online-conference via our special platform. We plan 3 oral presentations each day and a poster session directly aiming at young scientists society. We are very keen on the idea, that despite the impossibility to traditional way of face to face conversation, we are able to communicate and take part in the digital conference. We strongly believe in this idea and we wish you would also love the vision of ours.

We are looking forward to hear you at The Prequel ATAM 2020!