Dear Colleagues and Friends!

We officially invite you to the Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Materials /ATAM 2022/
happening in Wroclaw, Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development in the time of 6th-9th September 2022.

The symposium will be devoted to hybrid materials and 2D layers, but it will also revolve around the topics of perovskites and polymers. We want to assemble the best scientists – chemists, physicists, and engineers, working in the field of efficient optical materials, 2D layers, miniaturized photonic devices, perovskites and polymer synthesis.

The idea of this conference was born in 2020. The preATAM 2020, as the praeludium to the main event – ATAM 2022, occurred as a place to connect and bring the best scientists together. With 9 world-famous speakers, 55 poster presentations and over 120 online participants the first edition was met with huge enthusiasm and was widely appreciated among our guests.

We are still impressed by the research and results you presented last year so the decision for the Organizing Committee to arrange the next ATAM was unanimous. The 2022 conference, however, as a continuation of preATAM 2020, is going to happen this time in person in Wrocław, Poland. We are all thrilled to finally meet you at our Campus and have a scientific, human-based conversation.

We have decided that besides meeting you in person, here in Wrocław, at Łukasiewicz – PORT, the broadcast of key and planar lectures will also be available. We want more people to be contributed to the discussion of the innovative results presented. However, we are solidly looking forward to meeting you on our campus and having various face-to-face scientific discussions.

We want to highlight here, that a large part of our conference will be devoted to the Young Scientist Section, which is a fresh and original vision projected to gather the young part of the scientific community. This section will run concurrently with the main event. We strongly believe that the best way to grow and evolve as a beginner in the world of science is to exchange ideas and elaborate on each other. ATAM 2022 Young Scientists Session provides all these merits. We are convinced that the possibility to build a completely innovative form of a conference, completely assembled by youth directed to the youth makes the ATAM Young Scientists Session a unique experience. Thus, you are cordially invited to share with us your recent finding and join the community of colleagues at similar, early stages of their careers.

REGISTRATION starts April 13th!