Abstract template 2020

Especially for you – due to numerous questions and requests – we have extended the deadline for sending abstracts! Now you can upload your abstract until October 10th.

The abstract template can be downloaded here: Abstract template



Anja-Verena MUDRING: Ionic Liquids as a Critical Enabling Technology for Meeting Current and Future Needs in Energy

Gerd MEYER: Titanium Halides and Kinfolk

Luís CARLOS: It’s Getting Hot in Here: Intracellular Temperature Sensing Through Light Emission


Lab in a S/TEM

Wilfried BLANC: Nanoparticles in optical fibers: a stimulating oxymoron

Huy Q. TA: Stranski Krastanov and Volmer Weber CVD Growth Regimes to Control Stacking Order in Bilayer Graphene


Bruno VIANA: Materials for scintillation and bioimaging. Focus on the control of the kinetics

Agata KAMIŃSKA: Application of high pressure spectroscopy in the study of rare earth doped garnets

Georges BOULON: Examples of Nd3+ spectroscopy: the 4f3 intra-configurational transitions in Lu2O3 ceramics for laser source and the 4f25d-4f3 interconfigurational transitions in 20Al(PO3)3-80LiF glass as potential neutron scintillator