Contest rules 2020

PreATAM 2020 is the 3-days online event which will be held on 13-15 October 2020. The main organizer of the Conference is the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development, seated at 147 Stabłowicka str., 54-027 Wrocław, Poland (hereinafter: the “Institute” or “Łukasiewicz – PORT”)

PreATAM 2020 would organize the poster session, that would offer three prizes for the three best posters.

To participate, the poster must be uploaded in the user panel at The three best posters will then be selected by preATAM 2020 participants during the conference, in accordance with the regulations. Furthermore, the scientific panel of judges shall be constituted by organizers by the 12.10.2020. The final decision on the verdict consists of both the participants voting and the opinion of the scientific panel of judges.

To participate, the author should accept and agree on the following rules.

Art.1 General

Anyone that would like to participate to the PreATAM 2021 Poster Contest should read and accept to the rules of poster session contest. By submitting a poster abstract, the candidate agrees to the terms of participation in the competition

Art. 2 Participation

The contest is fully open to European and International public institutes, research institutes, universities (students and professors) as well as to private companies (exhibitors, sponsors and private participants). It is accepted a maximum of one abstract per each lead author. Lead author may be present in other posters but not as lead author. The person, who submitted the poster abstract, is the person presenting the work. No exceptions apply. After submitting the abstract there will be no possibility to change the presenting author.

Art. 3 Topics

The poster should have the focus in at least one of the following topics:

  1. Efficient optical materials
  2. 2D layers
  3. Miniaturized photonic devices

The abstract and poster formats will be available at preATAM 2020 website

Art. 4 Compliance to the topics

The preATAM 2021 commission would receive and approve the poster for the competition, only judging compliance of the poster abstracts with one of the topics mentioned above. A written answer regarding acceptance/rejection will be sent by email till October 15, 2020.

Art. 5 Rules

The lead author who wish to participate to the PreATAM 2021 Poster Contest should:

  1. Upload an abstract to the user panel at by October 1, 2020.
  2. Upload a poster to the user panel at by October 12, 2020 – after an acceptance sent by email.
  3. During the poster session (online – Tuesday 13 October 2020 h. 16:00; Wednesday 14 October 2020 h. 11:00; Thursday 15 October 2020 h. 11:00)
  1. The official language of the conference is ENGLISH. There is no possibility of presenting work during the session in another language, no exceptions apply.
  2. It is crucial to be present at PreATAM 2020 online lectures. Furthermore, all participants of the sessions are obliged to turn on the camera and microphone during the presentation – Candidates may be asked to deliver an oral presentation on the subject of the poster by the assessors.
  3. In case, the lead author would be winning one of the three prizes, he or she is obligated to agree on the publication of the poster on the websites and Note that any other person coming on behalf of the lead author to explain the main findings, would mean the poster would be excluded from the contest.

Art. 6 Voting

Every participant to PreATAM 2020 will have the right of vote for the best poster. The most voted poster would win 1° prize, the second most voted would win the 2° prize, the third most voted would win the 3° prize. The voting procedure will open at 13th October at 13:00 and will close at 14:00 of 15th October 2020. All preATAM 2020 participants will be able to cast one anonymous vote for one selected poster. If, during the voting, a participant changes his mind and casts a second vote, the first vote is automatically canceled.

Art. 7 Ex-Aequo

In case of Ex-aequo (same votes for two posters), the Commission headed by preATAM 2020 Honorary Chairs would decide for the final ranking of two or more posters with the same votes. The assessors appointed to nominate the prize winners will take into account the scientific merit of the poster, as well as the design, clarity and overall quality of script and illustrations.

Art. 8 Prizegiving

The prize pool is as follows:

  1. Apple iPad, 8 generation, 32GB + free entry for ATAM 2021
  2. Apple iPad, 8 generation, 32GB + free entry for ATAM 2021
  3. Free entry for ATAM 2021

The prizes will be given for a poster presentation, written in English, on a subject relevant to mentioned above topics, delivered at the preATAM 2021. To be eligible for this prize, the main author must attend the conference to present the poster and must attend their poster during the session allocated for judging.

The prizes will be distributed to the main authors by the end of 2020.

Besides main prizes all authors of each featured work will receive a certificate for the delivered work. All certificates will be sent via email.