Privacy policy – cookies

Privacy policy – cookies

In line with the practice adopted by most websites, the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT
Polish Center for Technology Development based at 147 Stabłowicka St., 54-066 Wrocław, Poland, (here in after “Łukasiewicz – PORT“) stores HTTP requests received by our server. The browsed resources are identified through URLs.

A detailed list of cookies used is as follows:

The cookies are not used to obtain any information on the website’s users or to track or follow them. Cookies used by Łukasiewicz – PORT  websites do not store any personal data or any other information collected from users.

The data is not associated with specific individuals browsing Łukasiewicz – PORT  websites. In order to ensure top-quality service, we analyse log files in order to find out which pages are visited most often, which browsers are used, whether the page structure does not contain errors, etc.

The collected logs are stored for an unspecified period of time as a supporting material used for administering the website. Information contained in them is not disclosed to anyone except individuals authorised to administer the servers and the Łukasiewicz – PORT network. The log files may be used to generate statistics assisting the administration. Aggregated statistics based on these logs do not contain any features enabling the identification of the persons visiting the website.

Each User may switch off cookies in the Internet browser of their device. However, the operator indicates that switching off cookies may make it difficult or impossible to use the system.

Łukasiewicz – PORT shall not be liable for the policy privacy and cookies policy of other websites accessed through links found on this websites.