Poster session 2022

The poster session, aimed mainly at young scientists, was designed in the “speed dating” formula. A poster session has been planned, both in stationary and online form using Microsoft Teams. Its most important aspect is the discussion between the participants. This form will allow each of the participants to fully participate in the poster session, have interesting discussions, as well as potential cooperation not only between young scientists, but also more experienced ones. The main results of the poster session in the new formula are the dissemination of the scientific debate on new materials and the issues of materials engineering in a changing world, as well as the inclusion of the voice of Young Scientists in the discussion. Scientific exchange will increase the competences of doctoral students, young scientists, thanks to possible interaction with world-renowned researchers from Poland and abroad.


First part 14:50 – 15:35

P1 – Bartłomiej Potaniec

P2 Jacek Marczak

P3 – Alison Felix de Araujo Maia

P4 – Sara Kozub

P5 – Gursel Abbas

P6 – Meryem Korkut

P7 Agnieszka Prus

P8 – Martyna Hofman

P9 – Agnieszka Lizak

Second part 15:35 – 16:20

P10 – Maksymilian Szatko

P11 Andrii Bodnar

P12 Magdalena Rowińska

P13 – Karolina Różycka

P14 – Jakub Orlikowski

P15 – Kacper Olejniczak

P16 – Weronika Forysiak

P17 – Paweł Cwynar

P18 Łukasz Kozłowski


Join to the meeting at 15:50

P1 Ewelina Ksepko

P2 Rahul Kumar Sharma

P3 – Krzysztof Rola

P4 Kacper Prokop

P5 Weronika Forysiak

P6 Paweł Cwynar

P7 Katarzyna Ranoszek-Soliwoda

P8 Bartosz Szymański

P9 Kacper Paszczyk

P10 – Łukasz Kozłowski